Sarah Palin has enjoyed a long, illustrious career in quitting. She quit her job as governor. She quit attending four different colleges. She quit her reality show. She quit her big fancy cross-country bus tour, and then quit calling it "quitting." But now, finally, after what seems like decades of dealing with her spittle-spewing, American flag vest-wearing supporters with misspelled signs, and the snotty liberal arts majors who love to photograph them, Sarah Palin might be quitting something else: being deemed worthy of our collective fascination.

Reuters reports that yet another documentary focused on the Palins and their America-saving exploits entitled has flopped harder than Bristol in a breakdancing competition.


The film, entitled Sarah Palin: You Betcha! takes "an unflattering look" at the ex-governor and made just $7,000 this weekend, only $389 per day per theater, which is about how much money filmmaker Nick Broomfeld might have expected to make per day if he'd listened to his mother and gone to law school rather than making movies about annoying politicians. People who pay attention to this sort of thing speculate that the film appealed to no one- not to Palin supporters, not to Palin avoiders, not even, apparently, to teenagers who just wanted to sit in the back row and grope each other while a movie plays in the background.

This non-success comes on the heels of another high profile Palin-related cinematic flop, this summer's Palin biopic The Undefeated (possible alternate title: Quitters Always Win!), which grossed tens of thousands of dollars, nearly enough to send both Palin grandchildren to college for several semesters. Those responsible for the film eventually opted to distribute it via pay-per-view rather than in theaters.

Additionally, two new books about Palin- Joe McGinnis's "The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin" and Levi Johnston's "Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs"- have underperformed.

She's being outshone politically by the surprisingly successful Holly Golightly batshittery of Michele Bachmann, outsold by a movie about a dolphin with an artificial tail, and out gaffed by Rick Perry and his racist hunting lodge. The number of people who love her has dwindled, Roger Ailes thinks she's stupid, and the people who can't stand her can't even bring themselves to watch a movie about how much she sucks. Does this mean that America is finally sick of Sarah Palin?


On one hand, we're not completely sick of her, as Reuters is still reporting on her travails and we're still talking about her, Bristol is still going to do that reality show that looks terrible but that you'll probably watch, and Pearle Vision is still stocking a shocking number of frameless glasses. Palin remains a multi-millionaire and she can still push all the rage buttons with one confusingly phrased sentence and smarmy but historically inaccurate political jab. While people might be done buying books or watching films about a woman who believes that Paul Revere warned the British by ringin' them bells, her long fall from fame will undoubtedly be televised. Never underestimate the power of schadenfreude.

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Image via AP

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