Harvey Weinstein Will Be Tried in NYC Against His Wishes

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Harvey Weinstein’s frequently delayed sexual assault trial will finally begin, after months of being pushed back, in January 2020. Despite attempts by his lawyers to get the trial moved out of Manhattan, specifically to Long Island’s Suffolk County or to Albany, the state Supreme Court has decided it will stay in Manhattan, the Associated Press reports.

Weinstein’s lawyers previously argued that it was impossible for the producer to get a fair trial in New York City, citing an atmosphere of intimidation and too much reporting on the case. The prosecution argued that Weinstein himself had contributed to the intense media attention paid to the case by frequently making “extrajudicial statements” about it—often picked apart by the press.

Weinstein faces two counts of predatory sexual assault, two counts of rape, and one count of criminal sexual act, consistently pleading not guilty for all.

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Against his will? Since when do we ask criminals if they would like to be prosecuted?

The white male privilege is strong in this one.