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Harvey Weinstein Has Reportedly Called Himself a 'Savior' and 'Martyr For Social Change'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In a report that Harvey Weinstein’s rep calls “absurd” and Jezebel’s Bobby Finger calls “honestly sort of believable,” it was rumored that Weinstein, an accused rapist and serial sexual harasser, believes his recent fall from feared member of the Hollywood elite to toxic cultural pariah has made him a “savior” who could potentially “change the world.”

An unnamed source told Page Six that Weinstein has been overheard saying “that he was born to take the fall for his behavior in order to ‘change the world’” and that he has “resigned to his punishment as a martyr for social change.”

Meanwhile, the Producers Guild of America has banned him for life in what they call an “unprecedented step” for their organization. In a statement, they wrote, “Sexual harassment can no longer be tolerated in our industry or within the ranks of Producers Guild membership.”

At no point in their statement did they refer to Weinstein as a martyr.

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