Harvard's Marching Band Spells Out 'PENIS' on the Field, Harvard Still Loses Football Game

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Nothing pumps up a crowd like a good marching band interlude, and nothing pumps up a marching band like a surreptitious and possibly accidental statement of virility.


In a Harvard College football game against the University of Pennsylvania this weekend, a group of geniuses and/or well-connected boarding school graduates decided to show their competitors a thing or two about sportsmanship and the human body.


Some outlets believe this was a mistake, that the band was trying to form the word “Penn” and got lost somewhere along the way.

I’m not so sure about that! I’ve never been in a marching band, but if I was, it would be an internal battle every single day to refrain from spelling out dick-related missives on the field.

Unfortunately, despite brutally owning Penn during halftime, Harvard still lost 35-25.

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That’s almost as bad as when players 53, 1, 80, and 08 did a group handstand.