Harvard May Have A New Racist Blogger In Their Midst

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Stephanie Grace, whose 2010 email to a "frenemy" included comments like "I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent" and quickly went viral shortly after, should've sent a message to other students –and it seems it did, but perhaps it was not the right one.


Since the 2010 email was released to the public, Grace has been awarded a clerkship with Alex Kozinski and "seems to be doing well."

Now in 2011, Joe White, a man claiming to be a Harvard Law School student, seems to be set on following in Grace's footsteps.

Hi. My name is Joe White. My brain is small so I use small words. I have to use short sentences…

I'm dumb, but there's one thing I know. Most of the black students around here are even dumber than me. If I were smart maybe I wouldn't say that. Here you're not supposed to talk about how dumb the black students are. But I can prove it, with some numbers I'll write up soon…

I decided to start this blog because yesterday I saw some extra blacks on the campus. Today are are lots and lots of extra blacks on campus. Many of them are old, so maybe they're not as black as they used to be, but they still look pretty black. It turns out that these are all black alumni of Harvard Law School who are having a celebration.

According to an article in Above The Law, "Joe White" then "launched into the usual anti-affirmative-action diatribe."

This whole thing may turn out to be an elaborate hoax —which always causes me to wonder what the point of a "hoax" of this nature typically is. Is it meant to satirize? Simply to say some hateful shit under the guise of "I was kidding/trying to prove a point"?— but either way, it isn't good.


If it isn't a hoax, that means that students at Harvard still feel there are no repercussions for voicing their (unfortunately) very real feelings about things like this and if it is a hoax, it's possible we've become so used to seeing people actually say and write things like this on blogs and in Youtube videos that it sadly doesn't seem all that improbable.

Brand New Racist Blog From Harvard Law Student[AboveTheLaw]


Violet Baudelaire

Wasn't it a Harvard or Yale African American Alumni reunion last year that had their reunion event shut down because the owner of the club they were at was freaked out by so many black people and referred to them as "local gangbangers" and was concerned he was getting the wrong element in his club so he locked the doors and shut the part down?

I honestly feel that we can't be reminded too much that racism isn't just something that ignorant or poor people do, or that the poor suffer from.