Harry Styles Is So Perfect He Can Fly

Those shots we saw in April of Harry Styles floating in the gorgeous, gloomy atmosphere were stills from his video for the dark yet realist ballad “Sign of the Times,” shot in the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


Styles is so intently rapt that it hurts me physically inside. He also reveals yet another hidden talent: flying above all the haters.

It’s cold, but bliss is in the forecast. Drift, drift into the void, above the empty land.

Lift yourself up out of the darkness and soar, for the world is yours.


Though you may stumble...


...Before you know it, beauty finds you.

In the scheme of things, we’re all just tiny particles on a big, blue— sometimes orange—planet. “You look pretty good down here/ But you ain’t really good...”

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Culture Editor, Jezebel



This song has grown on me. It’s such an old school type ballad. I love it now.

I had zero use for 1Direction, but I’m going to become a Harry stan. Brace yourselves.