Harry Styles Has the Timothée Chalamet Bowl Cut Now

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I regret to inform you—or I am delighted to inform you, depending on how you take this news—that Harry Styles has shed his princely locks in favor what looks like a replica of Timothée Chalamet’s Henry V bowl cut. Who wore it better? Is this a thing now?

A Twitter user posted the below photos of Styles with her parents at an airport. While she mentioned that he was “sweet and kind,” she failed to report any meaningful information about his new hair, like: When did he do it? Does he like it? Was it an accident or on purpose?


Did the mushrooms make him do it?

He’s also got a light dusting of facial hair, which is also new. How long has he been in that airport? Does he need help?

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Jezebel cannot make Tim with two ‘e’s happen for me.

I like Harry’s new haircut, especially since it looks like the edges are razor cut.