Harriet the Spy Gets an Anniversary Art Exhibit

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Originally published in 1964, Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy hits fifty this year. Because it's deservedly a beloved classic of American children's literature, the book is getting a celebratory museum exhibit.


MediaBistro reports that the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst will host original art from the book, starting May 20. (And in the fall they're doing an exhibit on Madeline!) Until May 3, the exhibit is on display at the Forbes Galleries. Stop by and you'll see:

original illustrations from the books Harriet the Spy, as well as the sequel The Long Secret. The exhibit will also showcase a watercolor painting of Harriet's favorite tomato sandwich, as well as letters between Fitzhugh and her publisher Ursula Nordstrom at Harper Collins.


If you can't make it, maybe fete the book's birthday in the privacy of your own kitchen with a nice, big tomato sandwich and this essay about being a "good bad American girl," preferably while wearing a yellow raincoat.

Photos via Eric Carle Museum, from the Louise Fitzhugh Collection, courtesy of Lois and Laura Morehead.

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I've always wanted to try an egg cream because of this book! I was sorely disappointed with Turkish Delight because C.S. Lewis made me believe it was THE BEST TREAT EVER (or at least delicious enough to be worth turning your siblings over to the White Queen). It was not the best treat ever.