Image via John Tsiavis/Harperā€™s Bazaar Arabia.

Mohamed Hadid, controversial Los Angeles luxury developer, beloved Il Pastaio patron, and proud father to Gigi and Bella, has been featured with his longtime fiancĆ©e Shiva Safai on the cover of Harperā€™s Bazaar Arabia Interiors. And what a thrill, as I have been dy-ing to get my eyeballs on this billionaireā€™s 48,000 square foot Bel Air palace (not to be confused with the other illegal half-built oneā€”nicknamed ā€œstarship enterpriseā€ā€”that is currently teetering precariously over its furious neighbors) after the hints weā€™ve seen of it on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

ā€œWalk through the estateā€™s large outdoor gates and through the main foyer with its glimmering chandelier, stucco wall ļ¬nishing and rich neoclassical columns, and you will feel as if youā€™ve walked into the home of an 18th-century nobleman,ā€ writer Rebecca Ann Proctor trills, emphasizing the homeā€™s ā€œwarmth and charm.ā€ The house, conceived and designed by Hadid, features, among other things (swans, for example), Renaissance-style portraits of Shiva and Mohamed that he painted himself.

This place is nuts.

The kitchen, created by ā€œartisans in Mexico, Italy and Indonesia.ā€ Photo via John Tsiavis/Harperā€™s Bazaar Arabia.


The Turkish-style hammam. Photo via John Tsiavis/Harperā€™s Bazaar Arabia.

Many important celebrities have come for visits, the article takes pains to noteā€”including Andrea Bocelli (ā€œHe thought [the hammam] was so amazing that he started singing and I couldnā€™t get him out of there!ā€), Quincy Jones, David Foster (the second husband of Hadidā€™s ex-wife Yolanda, who has worked with both Bocelli and Jones), and of course, Michael Jackson:

Mohamed recalls how Michael Jackson came to visit them just before he passed away. ā€œHe didnā€™t have a home at the time and on Thanksgiving I gave him the house for three days and told him to invite his whole family.ā€ A year later he passed away but his presence at the house can still be felt.



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