She's four years older than him, by the way. If the former Tennessee congressman, who is probably challenging Gillibrand in New York's Democratic primary, expected an jolly ride with Stephen Colbert, he didn't get it last night.

Colbert grilled Ford on his shifting stance on abortion and gay marriage, and mocked him for volunteering that he had visited Staten Island by helicopter.

Ford, looking rather grim, offered the following justification for his position on gay marriage:

I grew up in a different way in Tennessee, in church, where this was not looked upon favorably... it's a change position, i would agree with you," he said, adding:

"If you are looking for politicians who are static in thinking, I'm not your guy... The young lady I'm looking about running against, Senator Gillibrand, who I know and like, she flipped on this and I might add President Obama is not in favor of marriage equality... So in some ways I have a better position than the president on this."


But the entire interview segment — including somehow throwing in "veterans benefits" into the definition of pro-choice — is worth watching.

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