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"Harmlessly Amorous" Man Blames Italy For His Sexual Harassment

Illustration for article titled Harmlessly Amorous Man Blames Italy For His Sexual Harassment

It's not just American ladies who allegedly swoon over "European" charm. A Defense Department employee recently protested his dismissal over sexual harassment by pointing out that he spent 10 years in Italy, where people are more "touchy/feely."


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To chime in as an Italian woman—yes, Italian dudes are more "touchy-feely." Italian culture is touchy-feely. We kiss each other and hug a lot and have different ideas about personal space.

That said: Does this mean we like being catcalled on the street and/or grabbed, as too many Italian men are wont to do? NO WE DO NOT. Fucking cut it out, Italian dudes.

This is why I'm marrying an Irish guy.