Hark: Pinterest Is Developing A 'Buy' Button

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According to Re/Code tipsters, Pinterest is currently developing a "Buy" button that could launch "in as little as three to six months." You guys ready to fall even deeper into the warm, comforting arms of ill-advised post-11 pm purchases? No? Too bad.

Pinterest, which is currently valued at $5 billion and boasts 70 million monthly visitors, is basically just a bunch of people on the cusp of spending money—and so therefore is uniquely positioned to take on the global e-commerce market. Re/code notes that "by adding a 'Buy' button, Pinterest is aiming to shrink the time between wanting something and buying it."

Exciting stuff.

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is anyone else suddenly inundated with "picked for you" pins? Like they're all kind of related to stuff I frequently pin, but not very well targeted to actually be stuff I'm interested in. Just because I have 1000 pins of neon ombre hair doesn't mean that translates to also being interested in "natural looking honey blond ombre." They're practically opposites.