Happy (You Might Have Multiple Sclerosis) Birthday, Spring Babies!

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Is your birthday coming up? Is one of your favorite pastimes to give yourself regular 3 AM panic attacks with WebMD self-diagnoses? Perhaps you should read no further.


A new European study printed in JAMA Neurology, while relatively small (100 babies in total were studied) has linked birthday months with specific deficiencies and/or diseases: for example, babies born in May often suffer from a lack of Vitamin D—20% lower than babies born in November—since they were gestating during the colder months of inadequate sunlight. They were also found to be at higher risk for multiple sclerosis. These two are likely to be linked, as previous studies have shown that people who live farther from the equator, and sunlight, were at higher risk for immune disorders like MS.

'What Does Your Birthday Have To Do With Immune Disorders?' [CNN]

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My mom (born in March) has very severe, progressive MS. MicroDork (my second kiddo) is due at the end of this month...and I now live in Alberta (which has a very high rate of MS). So, thanks, now my irrational pregnant brain is worrying about this, even though I do try to take Vit D regularly (per our family doc's suggestion).