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Happy Father's Day to the Single Moms & Madonna

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I’m all for celebrating dads on their special day, but Father’s Day does its best work when it doubles as Single Moms Day. Sure, mothers have their own May celebration, but single moms who play two roles deserve more than one shitty Hallmark card and overcooked pile of pancakes in bed. And it appears Madonna, single mother of six, agrees, as she posted a photo to Instagram on Sunday wishing herself a happy Father’s Day. Fuck yeah, Madonna, and fuck yeah, single moms.


As Billboard points out, last year Madonna adopted twin four-year-old girls Esther and Stella, expanding a brood that already included Lourdes, Rocco, David Banda, and Mercy James. Six children are a lot to deal with on your own, even if “on your own” in Madonna’s case likely includes a team of nannies and personal assistants.


But this isn’t just about you, Madonna—it’s about all the #momdads out there, who should assuredly take the time to celebrate themselves every Father’s Day and maybe every single day. According to the U.S. census, there are 8.5 million families helmed by single mothers in this country, which make up about 23 percent of total families nationwide. That number has sharply increased over the last few decades, and though there is technically a Single Parent Day (March 21), the drugstores do not sell enough of those cards.

So happy Father’s Day to the dads, Madonna, the single moms, and Ben Affleck, who needs the encouragement.


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I have quite a few badass single moms in my life, but I also have equally as badass single dads. I think they can also have their time in the sun without ceremoniously being shit on.