Happy Anniversary to Beyoncé, Jay Z, Their Matching Tattoos, and Ninety-Eleven Rings

Images via screenshot/Tidal

It is Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ninth wedding anniversary—oh, the places you’ll go!—and so to pay homage to her husband and to her fans, Bey has released a video on Tidal complete with intimate, never-before-seen video of the couple. And you definitely have not seen this many diamond raaangs.


Set to a studio version of the song “Die With You” and, as B. Scott points out, a throwback to a similar video she dropped for their seventh anniversary, this version gives us vacation shots, lots of looking into each others’ eyes venerably, and a mélange of the diamonds Jay apparently gifts unto his bride on special occasions, like her birthday. That T.Rex of a diamond above, though, is fully her wedding ring—yes, Bey is ready to let us see close-ups of their hands during their wedding ceremony, god bless the cinematographer. Also, the matching IV tattoos they got to symbolize their love.

More importantly, there is some EXTREMELY adorable footage of tiny baby Blue as she grows up, and an acknowledgement of the twins the family is expecting:


Please try watching this without choking up! That’s the point! It’s only on Tidal for now but if you don’t still have Tidal because you forgot to cancel your account, surely it will show up on Insta at some point in the future.

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