If, by chance, you seek an excuse to spend the rest of your Sunday evening watching Empire Records and The Craft back-to-back, know that your pal Rachel has got you. Robin Tunney (aka Debra and Sarah Bailey, respectively) turns 44 today. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate?

Since perfecting the sardonic, existentially afflicted adolescent, Tunney has undertaken a variety of acting projects, most notably the role of Teresa Lisbon on The Mentalist. But we’ll always adore her for the characters we discovered at middle school sleepovers. Maybe Deb inspired you to don the “Sinead O’ Rebellion” look. And some of us, I wager, still turn on Letters to Cleo’s cover of “The Dangerous Type” and imagine strutting past our haters — perhaps even in plaid skirts and chokers.


Let’s revisit Deb’s iconic head-shaving endeavor and bask in the earnest, heart-on-sleeve symbolic gestures of teenhood.

Image via Warner Bros. Video via YouTube.

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