Hanson Brothers' MmmBeer Will Get You MmmDrunk

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Remember 1997? Butterfly hair clips were all the rage. Bill Clinton was the President. And Hanson topped the charts with their lyrically inscrutable jam MmmBop. Now the brothers are back and they're launching a new fraternal initiative— Hanson brand beer.


The brothers, who look oddly unsettling with facial hair if you remember them as angel faced pos-rockers, gave a group talk at Oxford University the other day, where they talked about their ongoing musical careers (did you know that they had a record that came out last year? I did not!) and other projects they're working on, projects that are important enough that people at Oxford University are still asking them to speak. Zac Hanson told the crowd that they've developed their own special kind of beer that will be called MmmHop. The IPA will be available starting next year.

And here's something to make you feel old: the little one, the one who was 12 and played the drums in 1997, is now 26 years old. Holy shit.


Hanson to launch 'Mmmhop' beer brand [NME]

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God, was I the only 12 yr old in '97 that hated Hanson?