Hannah Simone Thinks Tinder Is a Sex-Fueled Death Trap

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Tinder is a death trap of superficial judgement, and New Girl actress Hannah Simone is here to warn you about the truth. She also notes that feigning total ignorance of the English language usually works when warding off unwanted male attention. Whatever works, right?

On Monday night's Conan, the actress dug into the weird stuff guys do when they are think they are flirting, like complimenting her calves. (That's not a compliment, dudes, that's weird. )As for Tinder, Simone thinks the whole "dating" selling point of the app is flawed if women and men are looking for completely different things, like marriage material and wild, hot, anonymous sex, respectively. Oh my God, I think I just realized that Tinder is a digital microcosm of dating in New York. *swipes right on life*


Image via Conan.

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I put Tinder on my phone last month, but for some reason I'm very afraid of swiping right. Please note that fear of rejection is what keeps me from dating, and it seems like Tinder might heighten that for some reason.