Hannah Montana Wasn't Fooling Anyone

Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days.

Disney Channel’s first mistake was thinking they could convince any of us that a blonde wig would prevent all of Malibu from realizing that Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart were the same person.


Hannah Montana: The Movie was released ten years ago this week, and Miley Cyrus decided to pay homage to the iconic character in her own special way.


While shamelessly bopping to certified banger “See You Again”, we got to thinking about how blatantly transparent Hannah Montana’s disguise really was. We’re supposed to believe that none of Miley’s friends and classmates could tell her apart from an international pop star that they constantly obsessed over? We’re not buying it.

Disney Channel actually attempts bullshit like this all the time. So many classic Disney Channel TV shows rely heavily on the trope of characters hiding out in disguise, but almost none of the costumes are even remotely convincing. Even though the two of us may have been watching Disney Channel well into adulthood, these disguises are almost an insult to kid’s intelligence.

Watch the video above for more of our thoughts on Hannah’s wig and the other disguises that put Disney Channel to shame. It’s ok, Disney. As a wise oracle once said: Nobody’s perfect.

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I rate it as plausible. We all have celebrity doubles. I mean look at Lizzie McGuire. She looked exactly like Italian pop star Isabella EXCEPT Isabella had dark hair.  If Isabella has a loser double, why can’t Hannah Montana?