Hannah Montana Tells Kids To Be Themselves, Or Better Yet, Someone Else

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Mark Blankenship from NPR's blog Monkey See reviewed the new "Hannah Montana" movie and found a "sinister hidden message" lodged in at the end. Spoiler alert! after the jump.


At the end of the film, Miley decides that she is sick of playing Hannah Montana, and reveals her true identity at a concert. She is subsequently booed and shunned, with the Tennessee townsfolk all begging her to put the wig back on and keep pretending. Blankenship writes: "the conclusion tells viewers that being yourself is acceptable when you're with a very intimate circle, but otherwise, it's preferable and even honorable to lie about who you are. Hannah Montana: The Movie suggests that we can make people happy by always being who they want us to be, so we should maintain a performance at all costs. What's a little personal integrity when the entire world will be placated by our perpetual public disguise?" [NPR]


Erin Gloria Ryan

Shamed, the movie concludes with Hannah Montana comitting hara-kiri in full view of the audience. Hundreds of butterflies alight her body as she bleeds to death, and when they take off, her body has vanished. The camera pulls away with the flight of the butterflies. As the screen fades to black, a haunting solo violin melody begins to play, and we hear Cyrus' voice. I am not ashamed of killing Hannah Montana. She lived a life of honor, she died a death of honor. The honor of a warrior.