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Hanna Rosin Declares Men Over

Nowadays, women are taking over the entire world. Geez, men. Get it together.

Of course, I'm oversimplifying here, but Rosin's argument- that the pipeline is full of women poised to set the whole world on fire- is largely unprovable and riddled with a lot of gendered assumptions, like that women are naturally more intelligent than men or that we're better at sitting still and focusing.


Still, her talk is worth a listen, and worth a think. Do you agree?

Of course, all of this is irrelevant when modern society descends into the inevitable Mad Max-esque chaos.

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I'm sure the New World Order will still disadvantage women in some way and I don't mean that in snarky way.

I mean, if guys are still being guys and not adapting to the New World Order, we're still going to have problems.

Like, we're gonna have very "Alpha"** males and very Omega males and all the ladies are going to be wishing they had the "Alpha" males.

**whatever "Alpha" means