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Hanna Had Better-Than-Expected Box Office Numbers

Illustration for article titled emHanna/em Had Better-Than-Expected Box Office Numbers

On Friday, the film tied with Arthur for second place behind Hop, and ended up grossing a respectable $12 million this weekend. Did anyone see it? And do you agree that the director got it right?


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I liked it and thought it looked very cool. I especially liked, for reasons I can't quite explain, that the movie was bookended by giant title cards reading "HANNA" in bright red.

But, and I hate to say this, I was surprised by how very very little there was in the way of character motivation. And without that, it's really hard personally for me to care about the "what" if I don't understand the "why."

Overall: I give it a "B." It's got a catchy beat and you can snap necks to it.