Hangover 2 Trailer Indicates Forthcoming Crap

There is something almost admirable about the cravenness with which the makers of the Hangover 2 have ripped off the original. Seriously, listen to the preview without watching, and besides a reference to a monastery (yes) you'd literally think it was 2009. As one dude says, "I can't believe this is happening again!" Believe it. And by my count, 2 dudes are still unmarried.


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Having forced myself to see the first movie (after initially not wanting to because of the overhype and my strong distaste for Bradley Cooper), I walked away from it not knowing why this steaming pile of shit was Golden Globe-nominated - let alone the highest grossing comedy of 2009. I can usually hang with the best of the male-oriented comedies (because when they're good, they're hilarious), but this flick was just one never-ending misogyny fest starring three guys that I wouldn't fuck with a 10-foot pole.

Why anyone would want to continue watching a sequel to this fuckery is beyond me, for not only was it offensive as hell, it was as funny as watching someone pass kidney stones.