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Hamptons Restaurant Owner Performatively Burns Jeffrey Epstein's and Harvey Weinstein's Regular Table

Illustration for article titled Hamptons Restaurant Owner Performatively Burns Jeffrey Epsteins and Harvey Weinsteins Regular Table
Image: Scott Heins (Getty Images)

The owner of a restaurant in Southampton ceremoniously set fire to the table he claims Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein often dined at, in an apparent effort to send a message that “[p]eople who abuse women are not welcome here.” That’ way of doing it.


CNN reports that Zach Erdem, owner of celebrity hotspot 75 Main, recently lit Table 1 on fire. Apparently, both Epstein and Weinstein liked to sit there.

“When I thought about it, like Jeffrey Epstein used to sit at this table, all I could think was I need to burn this f——— table and make sure nothing is going to stain my restaurant,” Erden told CNN. “I got my hammer and my fuel and I broke it, burned it, and threw it in the garbage. It felt so good actually. Now I don’t have to think about these guys anymore.”


That’s not exactly how it works, but I guess the sentiment is nice. It’s also probably worth a mention that Erden assumed ownership of 75 Main in 2010, two years after Epstein was convicted of underage sex trafficking, and therefore already a known abuser who was apparently welcome in his restaurant. According to Page Six, Erden didn’t actually know who Epstein was, even though he reportedly frequently came into the restaurant with the“sexiest girls in the house,” who also happened to look underage.

“Every single time, every week or two, he came with three or four girls,” Erdem told Page Six. “I didn’t know what he did. I thought he was a womanizer like everyone else.”

Anyway, Erdem burned the table, so I guess it’s all over now.


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Yeah, now that they aren’t giving him any money. The Weinstein stuff especially was known for YEARS. Did he ever refuse him service? I fucking doubt it.