Hamas Appoints First Spokeswoman

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It's an exciting week for 23 year-old Isra al-Mudallal, former correspondent for Iran's English-language Press TV Channel. She just started her new job as the first English-language and woman (they're going all out) spokesperson for the Hamas, the face of a new wave in the organization as it gears up to more fruitfully engage with Western media and discourse. She doesn't claim any political affiliation, not even with Hamas, insisting on a more humanitarian approach to Palestinian relations:

"I will make the issues more human, and even if [Palestinian] officials do not understand this language, I know Western people will…The West does not understand religious discourse the same way they do human discourse."


Mudallal spent part of her life and was educated in the UK. She is divorced and has a four year old daughter. And she is learning Hebrew in order to understand and potentially talk with Israeli media (with official permission, of course). Her appointment seems to be a progressive step for the group largely viewed as a terrorist organization.

[Al-Awsat, Guardian]


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Hamas is not simply viewed as a terrorist organization. It is a terrorist organization, which has refused to allow for the existence of an Israeli state. I'm not here to be an Israeli apologist (lord knows that country has some fucked up policies), but Jezebel shouldn't be a Hamas apologist just because it's a Muslim organization that recognizes women have mouths and brains and can use them, something the Israeli government has recognized for decades (Golda Meir, anyone?). Giving kudos to Hamas for something so basic is kind of like, what's that saying?, the soft prejudice of low expectations.