Halle Berry Attributes Her Fame to Cutting Off All Her Hair

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Halle Berry isn’t sure she would have had the major career breakthrough she did if she hadn’t chopped her hair into its iconic pixie cut. As she told InStyle (via Us),

“I had no hair to hide behind, it was just all me,” she said. “Take it or leave it; love it or hate it. It was who I was.”

She went on to explain that the moment she cut her hair short was when she finally got her first job as an actor on Living Dolls. She almost directly credited this bold beauty move to her success.

“I think that’s because the directors and producers actually saw me. Before that I had long hair like every other girl like me,” she said. “So I have an affinity for short hair.”


Honestly, she might have a point. I hadn’t even realized she hasn’t had short hair in years, so entrenched in my mind is the image of Berry in her epic 2002 Oscar’s dress. Although now that I think about it, the picture that actually might be burned into my synapsis is of her character in Monster’s Ball, a film I watched one otherwise pleasant afternoon with...my father. (For the uninitiated, the film features a sex scene so prolonged and graphic that in looking it up just now, the first several results were listed on Pornhub.)

If Halle Berry had never cut her hair, would I have been spared one of the most traumatizing events of my adolescent life? MAYBE! [Us]

Late capitalism, never change.


[Us Weekly]

This is tremendously sad!



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