Hackers Have Reportedly Leaked Season 5 Episodes of Netflix's OITNB

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Variety reported on Saturday that an anonymous hacker or group of hackers, operating under the name The Dark Overlord, shared the first 10 episodes of Orange Is the New Black’s unreleased fifth season on file-sharing site the Pirate Bay after Netflix allegedly failed to respond to their extortionist demands.

In a separate report published at about the same time, the Associated Press found on Saturday that the hacker had uploaded the first episode of season five onto “an illegal file-sharing service.” No outlet has been able to legally confirm the authenticity of the uploaded files yet. The new episodes of OITNB are officially scheduled for release on June 9.

Netflix described the breach as an “active situation,” currently under investigation by the FBI, and added that the hacker seems to have targeted a small production vendor (identified by TorrentFreak as Larson Studios) that works with several major TV studios. On Friday night, TDO claimed, via their Twitter account, that they’d also gotten their hands on programming from AMC, IFC, Fox, and National Geographic.


A source told Variety that the hacker may be in possession of the second season of Ron Howard-produced National Geographic show Breakthrough.

But apparently TDO finds Netflix in particular to be a menacing force for evil, though it’s not clear why. “It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix,” writes TDO in a message posted Saturday morning. “We’re quite ashamed to breath the same air as you. We figured a pragmatic business such as yourself would see and understand the benefits of cooperating with a reasonable and merciful entity like ourselves.”

How very Netflix and unchill.

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Netflix regulars probably aren’t going to bother with torrenting it anyway.