Hacker Promises to Release Huge Trove of Stolen Nude Snapchats Sunday

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A 4chan user has promised that a leak of captured Snapchat images — dubbed "The Snappening"— is coming our way on October 12. It’s official: we are all Jennifer Lawrence, KeKe Palmer and Kate Upton, but with less money.


According to the International Business Times, a hacker in a 4chan thread threatened to release over 200,000 images of Snapchat users via a searchable database. The system will allow images to be traced back to whomever uploaded them in the first place. And because the original uploader of nude Snaps could be an underaged person, this leak could step into the realm of child pornography.

Jesus, help us.

But take this with a grain of salt: others on the 4chan board don’t believe the person purporting to have broken into Snapsave has actually done it (despite the fact that s/he released a preview screenshot of a tiny corner of the database) and Snapchat has yet to release a statement on the issue. Here's hoping our Sunday will just be filled with The Walking Dead premiere instead of reanimated deleted nudes.


Image via 4chan.

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