H&M Joins the War on Christmas, Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving

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The War on Christmas is ramping up: another large chain, H&M, plans to close its doors on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


The Stockholm-based company announced this week that they’d be chilling on Thanksgiving Day, like the rest of America (or at least those that don’t have to work at another store or office that day). From Bloomberg:

“In the tradition of Thanksgiving, H&M will close our U.S. stores on Thanksgiving Day, allowing our store teams to enjoy this time with their families and friends,” Daniel Kulle, president of H&M’s North American operations, said in the statement.


H&M joins Staples and R.E.I., the latter of which went extra hard and also plans to remain closed on Black Friday, a historical money maker. Elsewhere, Wal-Mart and Target are stretching out their holiday promotions, most likely to decrease the likelihood of shopper-on-shopper violence in the effort to grab a marked-down big screen TV. Target’s sales begin on November 22, so your discount-happy aunt can at least let her food settle this Thanksgiving.

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pibber can't swim

i’m really, really hoping shit like this becomes popular. i’m pretty bah humbug already, but having christmas shit in stores before halloween is over is fucking ridiculous. i know there are bigger issues in the world but goddamn it the christmas crawl makes me grumpy. i feel like people are bigger assholes around the holidays, traffic gets worse, people shopping in stores are rude. just...stop. stop it!