Gym Ad Already Predicting Kimye Divorce

Illustration for article titled Gym Ad Already Predicting Kimye Divorce

Of course an ad implying men need to work out to keep their shallow gold-digging significant others interested would run in the New York Post. Next.

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I don't know why this is bugging me so much but this ad doesn't even make sense.

I keep re-reading it in hopes of getting it but it's just monumentally stupid. Low-hanging fruit about short-lived Hollywood marriages, disjointed thoughts, addressing a specific person but then addressing the audience... what the hell am I reading?!

And they didn't even capitalize the first word of the second sentence! Or did they mean to put a comma where that first period is? Jesus, that's almost worse!

I (irrationally) hate everything about this ad and they should fire whoever shat this out and approved it to go to print.