Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair Have Buried the Artisanal Hatchet

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair have decided to air kiss and make up now that Gwynnie has enjoyed a heart-to-heart with the magazine's editor-in-chief Graydon Carter. Post heart to heart, the article will either be less controversial than expected or it will not run at all.


According to a source, "The story was never going to be as bad as tabloids were guessing." If you'll recall, there was a big Internet-ruckus about Paltrow cheating on her husband Chris Martin. It's apparently not true at all: "That whole angle about the alleged affairs was something that was made up by Page Six and was never something that anyone at Vanity Fair believed was legitimate and was never going to be in a story they were working on." So we can be ninety percent sure that the big scoop was a picture of Gwyneth eating a ham & cheese hot pocket in a tracksuit. [US Weekly]

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Glee star Dot-Marie Jones married her longtime girlfriend Bridgett Casteen on Saturday night in a surprise wedding ceremony — guests thought they were attending a holiday party and instead got to observe the tender meeting of two hearts in holy matrimony, which is a very chill surprise indeed. The couple has been dating for three years, and they've been engaged since October. Congratulations to them! [NY Daily News]

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Kate Winslet and her husband Ned Rockroll have named their newborn son Bear. Thankfully he's getting her last name — if there were a human child out there named "Bear Rocknroll" I don't know if I'd be able to handle it. ("Bear Rocknroll" is like the moniker a 9-year-old would give to a Build-a-Bear in alternative plaid pants). According to Hello, "With the unusual first name the baby joins TV survivalist Bear Grylls and Jamie Oliver's son Buddy Bear." Yes, quite. Also Alicia Silverstone's son Bear Blu, so there's something. [Hello]

  • A jury will decide whether something Courtney Love tweeted about her lawyer counts as defamation or not, adding yet another illustrious example to our week-long lesson on "please be careful what you Tweet" (cc: Justine Sacco; Steve Martin). [Billboard]
  • Kate Upton and that guy from Dancing From the Stars who is a lot less famous than her have split up. Bad news if you bought everyone in your family Kate Upton/her DWTS boyfriend merchandise for Christmas. [Page Six]
  • Teen Dating Expert Brody Jenner has FINALLY weighed in on Ultimate Teen Couple Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles: "I hate to tell you this, but Kendall will be doing the heartbreaking," says Brody, and also "My dad told me Harry Styles plays golf, so that's cool." [NY Daily News]
  • People are mad at Miley Cyrus for wearing a giant fur coat and, even more offensively, giant spheres made of dead animal pelt as earrings — which is both an affront to animals lovers and to decency in general. [DListed]
  • Selena Gomez says she's the "happiest [she's] been in a while" after canceling her tour. The reason behind the cancellation, apparently, is that she's been working nonstop for six years. Take a nap, Selena. [E!]
  • Here's several photos of Leighton Meester and Adam Brody, the couple of your dreams, walking their dogs together. The littler dog looks as though it has a very dignified trot, in case you were wondering. [Just Jared]
  • No one is buying tabloids with Kardashian kovers anymore, likely because seeing a Kardashian face above the caption "PREGNANT AND BETRAYED!" has become as instinctual to us as a species as breathing. [Page Six]
  • David Beckham's friends let him go out in a turn-of-the-century newsboy costume. [Page Six]
  • Of all the celebrity Instagrams ever taken, this one of Lily Collins' eyebrow is the most important. [ONTD]
  • Kristin Cavallari has admitted that everything on The Hills was fake. Honestly, if Justin Bobby's lines were scripted then I have lost a very important spiritual figure in my life. [ONTD]



Am I the only one who is disappointed Vanity Fair backed down? I couldn't wait to buy the magazine and see what had Gwyneth in such a tizzy. It seemed like there was something that she really didn't want to come out.