Gwyneth Paltrow A Bon Appetit Cover Girl?

Illustration for article titled Gwyneth Paltrow A emBon Appetit/em Cover Girl?

While the Village Voice rightly points out that this reeks of (among other things) an "a belated April Fool's hoax," rumor has it that everyone's favorite polymath (besides James Franco) shot a Bon Appetit cover in London. We still don't know if the Gwyneth-helmed food glossy rumors are true — but we'd never say never when it comes to the Goopster.


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Honestly? If I had the time and money I would definitely spend my days cooking, traveling, doing yoga, wearing fabulous clothes, and blogging about it all. I'll never jump on the hate bandwagon. I wouldn't be any different (except I'm brunette...and nowhere near as fit). Live it up Gwyneth. Live it up for awkwardturtle.