Just in case you wanted to bask in an awkwardly nostalgic moment in everyone's lives (yes everyone), here's Gwen Stefani (about a month and a half after giving birth to her third child) performing her 2004 song "Hollaback Girl" with Pharrell at Coachella. I love her. I do. She's iconic, and is able to successfully pull off a look and appeal that not many can pull off. But girl went all Icarus and flew a little too close to the sun with some aspects that Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album—namely the Harajuku motif and squad.


But we were there with her for most of it—her awkward transitional phase was all of our awkward transitional phase. So go ahead and reward yourself for not being the same person you were in 2004 and remember that if Courtney Love ever lambasts you and calls you a "cheerleader," all you have to do is fire back with a massive hit that forever changes the cadence with which people spell the word "bananas" (B! AYAN AYAN AYESS).

Good talk, friends. Good talk.

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