Seems legit: the Associated Press is reporting that a Shanghai man is suing popular Chinese actress Zhao Wei for staring at him too hard through the TV. As the AP notes, this could have something to do with China’s newer, laxer lawsuit rules, or Zhao might need to take a picture because it lasts longer. The unnamed man alleges Zhao’s staring is causing him “spiritual damage.”

The AP reports that frivolous lawsuits are easier to file in China these days, after a new rule took effect May 1, making it more difficult for courts to throw out cases. (I mean, can we call this frivolous, though? Can we?) Zhao reportedly stars in a show called Tiger Mom, and has very big eyes. Case closed, IMO.

Of course, you could never file such a time-wasting suit here in the United States, a country with rigorous lawsuit requirements that don’t allow people to, say, sue for ownership of the sun or claim they are the biological mother of Blue Ivy, North West, and the Jackson children. Just to be on the safe side, though—do peruse this video of Zhao Wei and make sure she isn’t boring a hole in your computer screen, causing damage to your endocrine system and a spontaneous conversion to Catholicism.

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Screengrab via YouTube/Zhao Wei