Gus Kenworthy Rescued a Puppy at the Olympics Again, This Time From a Dog Meat Farm

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In 2014, skier and silver medalist Gun Kenworthy, with his ex Robin Macdonald, shined a light on Sochi’s mass dog extermination by bringing five strays home and adopting two (who, by the way, are doing great.) He has now adopted a puppy from a dog meat farm, which sounds as hellish as, well, “dog meat farm”:

“I’m honestly feeling heartbroken,” Kenworthy said.

The farm is situated less than 100 yards of a busy road, about a 45-minute drive from downtown Seoul. Puppies and their mothers are living inside a narrow planthouse, surrounded by rusty pipes, grimy ceramic pots and old mattresses. Outside, many dogs pulled hard on their chains, creating muddy semicircles in the snow beneath their feet. A dozen or so wood and wire cages held between one and four dogs each. In the back of one crate, a dog was licking a furless newborn puppy that did not appear to be alive.


The Humane Society estimates there are about 17,000 dog meat farms in South Korea.

According to the AP, Humane Society International bought out the farm, and the owner has agreed to farm mushrooms and other plants instead.

Her name is Beemo.

A now-famed squirrel survived a brush with Daniela Ulbing’s snowboard yesterday and lived to be tweeted about for many hours.

Sharon Stone sounds like Maria the Von Trapp governess, and I would very much like to sleep over please! She tells the Daily Mail that she takes great pains to protect the girls her sons bring home:

To see some of the texts in my kids’ phones – pictures of girls half-naked that they’ve shot themselves, it makes my jaw drop. I’d say to any mother, please, look in your kid’s phone, crack their codes if necessary, because you need to know this.’

When her boys’ female friends come to their house, she even takes them aside to the library for a chat about safety.


And if they have nowhere to go, she will take them in.

‘I say, ‘I don’t know where you’re going after this, whether you’re going home to your parents or to a girlfriend’s house, but whoever you’re going back to, I expect you to text them and tell them where you are right now, then text them after you leave, so there’s no obscurity. And if you don’t have somewhere to go, you are staying here.’


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They are absolutely the same kind of dogs that we take as pets here.

My sweet boy is a Korean rescue, and he loves me more than his little body can handle. I don’t know if he was going to be meat. I do know he was traumatized. We’ve had him for a year and he is still not fully emotionally healed.

Everyonewho sees him is delighted, he doesn’t look like the dogs here. I think he’s part Corgi, part Pekingese. He wouldn’t let me touch him when we went to meet him, and I brought him home anyways. That’s all it takes to gain their love. I hope when these dogs get here, people give them the chance they need. They aren’t all “outwardly friendly” but they can all love, with time.