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Guilty Charlie the Beagle Now Desperately Wants Baby to Play Ball

Charlie the beagle is back, this time showing his love by turning a baby's crib into a ball pit from McDonald's.


When that baby finally learns to throw the ball back, Charlie is going to die of happiness. You'll remember Charlie as the guilty beagle who tried to apologize for stealing a baby's toys by bringing her all of his toys. (Apparently Charlie is good at changing diapers, too.) What a lucky family! My dog stole three of my socks and buried them under her toy pile. When I finally got them back, she sulked around the house all day, refusing to address anyone in the house. I'm apparently on "final warning" thanks to my brazen actions.

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Allow me to translate,

Ok kid, shit is on ,I got a bag full of colors here and no one is going to stop us! Ok, holy shit I got really lucky out of the gate, this, this right here is green kid, its reeaally really fukin green. Feel that kid, that is greeeen! Ok look kid if I'm gonna do this we gotta throw this stuff around. No more drawing inside the lines. Old Charlie is off the mutha fukin chain! I'm gonna make these colors rain! Ok kid this here is red, this is orange! Ok Charlie, this is your moment! don't fuck this up! Right right right, ok get another one. Why are all the colors stuck in this stupid thing! Oh... there we go! YEAH son! Colors are everywhere now! Oh shit there is a red! Ok grab it, get it to the baby. Hey kid! Here is a red! Oh right I already brought you a red. Well little dude get this, there are more than one reds! That's right dude! There are several reds! PLURAL! Get your little mind around that! Ok, I'm gonna get more colors, hang on. Yeah little dude! I'm gonna get as many colors as I can and you keep them safe here, ok? Ok. Yeah trust me buddy I know what you're feeling, colors make me happy as hell too! I'm going back for more. Just stay right there. Ok looks like I've pretty much got all of them! That's colors bud! Fuck look at them! Just seriously look at them. I know little dude. They are so beautiful! I will raise my paw that I might touch for one brief moment the esoteric beauty that can be found within their countenance! Oh holy joy! I feel their purity! The simple act of seeing and all of its glory!

Oh hey, yeah we were just hangin. Kid, don't look too happy! We gotta play this down. She's gonna get wise.