Guess Which Former Star of The Hills Has Never Eaten Pasta, Not Even Once

On Wednesday afternoon, a cast member of MTVs long-canceled reality show The Hills took to Instagram to reveal that she has never eaten pasta—voluntarily or involuntarilyby writing, “One weird fact about me: I have never eaten pasta my entire life. The texture weirds me out!”


Can you guess which cast member has entered adulthood without ever allowing the miraculous combination of flour, eggs, water, and salt into her mouth? Think on it for a moment (also think about how she could possibly be familiar with the texture if she’s never eaten it), and then reveal the truth below.

Did you guess correctly? Of course you did! Of course it was Whitney. And of course she loves cous cous, which is basically just pasta in tiny orb form.

Image via Instagram.

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fka marchaprilmay

Bull. Fucking. Shit. She’s trying to tell us that she’s never had macaroni and cheese? PUH-LEASE.

ETA - Wow. Apparently I have strong feelings on this. Who knew??