Guess What Vogue Staffers Are Packing for the Holidays?

Ethiopia, the South of France, Jackson Hole: These are not places I have ever been, but joke’s on me and you and all of us, because Vogue’s most photogenic and independently wealthy editors will be touching down for some casual visits over Christmas—and they even allowed us into their beautiful homes to watch them pack.


“You never know when you have to go somewhere that’s just a little bit more formal,” intones style editor Edward Barsamian, which is not something I can personally relate to. Other must-have items from the Condé cool kids (Alessandra Codinha, Chloe Malle, Hamish Bowles, Jane Bishop, and Karley Sciortino) include “very cozy soft cashmere sweaters,” “my Ritalin so I can think,” “a linen lingerie bag,” and “my hairbrush from the Kardashian collection.”

The one great thing about this video is the fact that I have finally been allowed a peek into Hamish Bowles’ home, which has exactly the rich lighting and elegant decor that one would expect.

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Blueberry Jones

How Blueberry Jones packs (for any destination):

Get insanely drunk and get home around 2AM the night before a flight that is probably anywhere between 7 and 9AM because you booked it late and it was the cheapest. Pour yourself a glass of wine, leave it on the counter and forget about it for a few hours. Take clothes out of the dryer or laundry basket (because I am the worst about folding shit and putting it in my dresser or hanging it up) and stuff random items in your bag without looking at what they are. Throw your makeup bag and toiletries into your bag (I have a separate travel tooth brush because I am the queen of leaving them and I don’t want to return home with no tooth brush). Find the glass of wine and drink it, smoke a cig (or splif) and pass out around 4AM. Wake up at 6AM and call an Uber to take you to National (you can fuck yourself over even more by going out of BWI and having to wake up a little earlier so you can get the MARC train to BWI, if you want to REALLY hate yourself).

Arrive at your destination and find out that you drunkenly packed four pairs of pants, tights, three socks, one pair of underwear, and you wore a sweater dress on the plane, so you literally have NO shirts because you forgot to pack them.