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Guess How Much it Costs Kim Kardashian to Wear Kim Kardashian's Face

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kim Kardashian catalogued her makeup routine for Into the Gloss. This list doesn't feature any products infused with oil from the skin of a pregnant elephant, but there is a $455 Guerlain moisturizer with "a texture that is rich yet generous, melting and impalpable." Here's how much all of it cost.

The total (based on the purchase information provided by Into the Gloss): $1,977.75.

It's completely obtainable if you're down to sacrifice a month's rent in NYC (equal to five months rent in Atlanta) for plump lips and skin as soft as an infant. Makes sense, considering how much us common folk spend on products. Still, $455 on one thing is silly.


All the products used in Kim's facial routine, including requisite plugs for the Kardashian Beauty line:

  • Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes ($1.83)
  • By Terry Pureté de Rose Refreshing Cleansing Gel ($52)
  • Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream ($455)
  • NaturaBissē C+C Vitamin Cream ($115)
  • Shakti Resculpting Body Cream ($155)
  • Epicuren Bulgarian Rose Otto ($42.95)
  • La Mer's The Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid ($85)
  • Dr. Harold Lancer Sheer Fluid Sun Shield SPF 30 ($48)
  • Quasar MD Plus (LED light therapy) ($795)
  • MAC 182 Buffer Brush ($53)
  • Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($62)
  • Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation (19.50)
  • Kardashian Beauty Endless Summer Matte Bronzer ($14.99)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit ($40)
  • Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara ($27.50)
  • Individualist Lashes ($10.98)

Kim also said she calls on a variety of makeup artists depending on when she's feeling "ethnic" or "glam":

"Different makeup artists make you look totally different, too. Mario [Dedivanovic] makes me look the most ethnic. Joyce Bonelli makes me look the most glam. This one makeup artist, Rob Scheppy, makes me feel in-between glam and myself. He does me really tan—I can't explain it. [Laughs] Everyone has a style, and I like the different vibes."


Sometimes you feel black; sometimes you don't. As for hair, Kim only washes it every five days, which is a lot like my routine:

"For my hair, I don't wash it every day. We start out with a blowout on day one, then we go into a messier vibe the next day, and then we flat iron it and do a really sleek look on day three since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day four could be a slicked-back ponytail, and on the fifth day is when you wash it. That's a little excessive, maybe. [Laughs]."



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