Gucci Sisters Shake Tax Evasion Charges

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The Gucci sisters, Alessandra and Allegra Gucci, were recently acquitted of tax evasion. They were originally accused of owing $5 million in taxes.


The sisters—whose father is the late Maurizio Gucci (they’re Guccio Gucci’s great-granddaughters)—were indicted in 2014 after allegedly failing to pay $5 million in taxes over six years.

WWD reports that the charges were thrown out due to lack of evidence:

According to a legal source, Milan prosecutor Gaetano Ruta believes that the tax evasion had been planned, but that the preliminary hearing did not provide enough proof of guilt. The Gucci siblings last year were accused of each allegedly omitting to pay less than 4.5 million euros, or $5 million at current exchange rate, in the period ranging from 2004 to 2010.


Also a defendant in the case was the family’s lawyer, Fabio Franchini. In somewhat related news, the Gucci sisters listed their NYC penthouse for $45 million in August.

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