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Gucci Mane Pulls Off a Sweet, Not Embarrassing Kiss Cam Proposal At Hawks Game

In the middle of an Atlanta Hawks game on Tuesday night, Gucci Mane surprised his girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir by popping the question on the dreaded Kiss Cam. The results were not cheesy this time.


What makes this proposal sweet despite it being incredibly public in nature: is the sheer joy on both of their faces when Gucci pulls the ring out, as well as Keyshia’s glorious bright ponytail and fur, the fact that he’s wearing a jersey that reads “Guwop” on the back, and the announcer who plays hype man throughout the entire moment, screaming “Burr! That ring said burr!”

Gucci was released from federal prison in June of this year, after serving nearly three years for felony possession of a firearm. The future Mrs. Mane, a makeup and waist trainer connoisseur, was featured prominently in his New York Times profile, where the newly rehabilitated rapper talked about embracing a healthy lifestyle, recovering from drug addiction and being the happiest he’s ever been. The couple met in 2010 after he requested her presence in one of his music videos. Watch the sweet proposal below.


Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Slightly amused at all these “who”? comments cause Black Twitter was going nuts over this proposal last night, and the 25 carat ring he presented her with.

They look happy, he’s slimmed down & stopped looking like he slept in a garbage bin, so yay for everybody! I hope they have a fabulous over-the-top wedding and live happily ever after.