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Guam to Become the First U.S. Territory to Allow Gay Marriage

Illustration for article titled Guam to Become the First U.S. Territory to Allow Gay Marriage

Paperwork is underway to make Guam the first U.S. territory to allow and recognize gay marriage, reports AP Online.


While things are looking promising—Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson issued an order to have officials start processing same-sex marriage applications—it’s not without a few snags.

Department Acting Director Leo Casil told the Pacific Daily News officials won’t accept applications “until further notice.”

Casil says he just received a letter from Barrett-Anderson, not a legal opinion.

Barrett-Anderson doesn’t seem like the type of woman to back down, though, and cited an appeals court decision that declared bans on gay marriage unconstitutional.


Fingers crossed that Guam gets it act together and acts as the domino for other U.S. territories (and states) to allow gay marriage, too.

Image via AP

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

Whole aside: it’s pretty weird that in 2015 the United States still has territories. Why can’t we just let Guam and such be independent states? (oh right, the Department of Defense)