Gross Gynecologist Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Patient

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A gynecologist in the Los Angeles area has been charged with sexually assaulting one of his patients. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dr. Kevin Pezeshki is due in court today, facing two counts of assaulting a female patient in what sounds like a protracted episode of SVU.


Investigators say that Pezeshki "inappropriately touch a female patient" way back on Sep. 9, 2008 when, during an exam at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, the woman says she turned around and noticed that the not-so-good doctor was zipping his fly. After Pezeshki performed surgery on the woman several weeks later, he visited her at Northridge and told her that he had to perform an exam. That's when things got especially awful — the woman alleges that Pezeshki's "exam" consisted of him putting his fingers in her vagina, slapping her back a few times and subsequently ejaculating on the hospital bedsheet. According to a motion filed by Deputy Attorney General Cindy M. Lopez, "The victim was smart enough to take the bedsheet and turn it in to police."

When the DNA on the sheet matched Pezeshki's, the wheels of justice cranked into action. In addition to his legal trouble, Pezeshki faces the prospect of being barred from practicing medicine until the resolution of his criminal case. Lopez added in her motion that Pezeshki exploited his power as a physician, and turned what was already an unpleasant gynecological visit into a nightmare:

Clearly these incidents turned into sexual encounters for the defendant's own sexual gratification. There is no way any reasonable person can characterize this behavior as anything other than a clear abuse of his position as a physician.

In the post-Seinfeld landscape of American medicine, news of Pezeshki's alleged awfulness only increases the paranoia factor in doctor visits, especially when those doctors visits are as intimate as gynecological exams.

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She should watch out for when/if she has children and a random nanny shows up offering to take care of them. It is probably this doctor's wife out for revenge. /moviereference

In seriousness though - I asked my mom once, "HOW can you see a male gyno? It just really creeps me out." She shrugged and said she didn't feel it was a big deal, and when she was choosing OB/GYNs, there were hardly any female doctors around. I think as time has gone on and more women are becoming doctors, men choose gynecology less often - so when you DO come across a male gyno, not only is he a man, but he's older, which gives me the double creeps.