It's understandable that stores would rather not have customers pay with a coffee can full of coins on a regular basis, but Save-a-Lot in Portland, Oregon refused to make an exception even for a woman who was forced to break out the change to buy groceries for her family. The woman, identified as Jean, says she got together $32 in quarters and waited until the checkout line was clear. "And when I went up, I told them, you know โ€˜I have change. Sorry, it's hard times right now.' And they go, 'well we can only accept $5,'" Jean said. A manager got involved and insisted she use the coin sorting machine, which charges a 10% fee. Finally the store agreed to cover the 10% when Jean started crying and another customer offered to giver her bills for her quarters. It's legal for stores to refuse to accept certain types of payment, but hassling impoverished customers still makes you a jerk.

Image via Gualberto Becerra/Shutterstock.