Grimes Is Thanos Now?

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Grimes (née Claire Boucher) says she’s going through a time of personal transformation—but I refuse to call her c (which she insists must be lowercase AND italicized), her latest moniker, which references the speed of light. In an interview with Crack magazine, Grimes denies that dating alleged union buster Elon Musk had anything to do with her own ever-changing political views. Maybe she’s always had bad opinions?


At one point, Grimes says “Fuck The New Yorker,” which published an essay about her relationship with Musk, noting how she took “anti-imperialist” out of her Twitter bio. Grimes says the two were not connected:

“I change my Twitter bio every week,” she says. “I took ‘anti-imperialist’ out literally three or four months before I met Elon. I changed it from ‘anti-imperialist’ to ‘baby wolverine’. That means I love colonialism now? Seriously, what the fuck?”

She also hopes no one takes her to be a real socialist. I agree!

“I didn’t realise everyone thought I was such a by-the-books socialist,” she says. “My politics are literally insane. I’ll probably go down for it in the end.”

[“]I don’t think democracy really works. These are the kinds of things I think. I actually, for the short term, am a bit of a socialist, but not economically. I’m into free markets. What can I say? I think capitalism can solve some things.”

Grimes adds that she’s happy to play the villain if the media is determined to make her one. Here’s where she compares herself to Thanos, which tracks because she is bringing sadness to half of the world’s population with her endless whining, by some estimates:

“If I’m stuck being a villain, I want to pursue villainy artistically,” she says. “If there’s nothing left to lose, that’s actually a really fun idea to me. I think it has freed me artistically. The best part of the movie is the Joker. Everyone loves the villain. Everyone fucking loves Thanos. Let’s make some Thanos art.”


All of this drama is just fodder for her next album, Miss Anthropocene, which she says is supposed to be like a love letter to climate change, and which she describes as “super tight.”

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Mortal Dictata

I actually, for the short term, am a bit of a socialist, but not economically

So she’s a socialist that doesn’t like the core tenants of socialism and as previously talked of is someone who’s upset that Climate Change is sad and finds feminism groan-worthy. She really is fucking Tumblr personified isn’t she...

Guessing her next twitter bio will be that generic cishet “woke” thing, which they all seem to think is rather unique, of listing preferred pronouns as though that shows how much of an Ally to LGBT+ people they are.

Just yet another celeb who wants to come across as a polymath of some kind when their intellect and repertoire is as wide as an ocean but as deep as a puddle.

(also in all this I still struggle to remember what it is she actually does)