Greatest (YouTube) Generation

We have become slightly obsessed with the nanogenarian Clara's Great Depression Cooking Show on YouTube, in which she showcases the frugal recipes that got her family through the 1930s. [YouTube]


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Adorable. And useful.

When we were at Passover seder last year, my Bubbie — who, like the rest of my grandparents lived through the Depression and was old enough to be acutely aware of it — lamented to the table, "I had to pay a dollar for my shank bone*! Not even during the Great Depression did I ever have to pay for a shank bone!"

I started stockpiling dried beans and canned good about a week after that. Bubbie knows. Bubbie knows.

*For the non-Jewzebels: one of the symbolic items on a Passover seder plate is a lamb shank bone representing the sacrifice the spared the Jews' first born sons from the final plague.