Grand Jury Indicts That White Couple Who Pointed Guns At BLM Protesters

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On Tuesday, a grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on charges of exhibiting guns at protesters during the now-infamous incident in their St. Louis neighborhood. The grand jury also brought a charge of tampering with evidence for both Mark and Patricia—allegedly stemming from the pistol Patricia pointed at demonstrators during the Black Lives Matter protest in St. Louis this past June. You remember them, the white couple caught on video screaming and waving guns at protesters peacefully demonstrating outside of their gaudy mini palace?


KMOV News reports that, unsurprisingly, the McCloskeys are outraged that they are being charged while the people who they threatened with deadly weapons for “trespassing” aren’t facing any charges.

“They broke down our gate, they trespassed on our property. Not a single one of those people are now charged with anything,” Mark McCloskey stated. “We’re charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law license.”

Boohoo. Maybe it’s time for Mr. McCloskey to study up on the law a little bit more if he believes the Second Amendment empowers him to threaten people with weapons every time he’s inconvenienced.

McCloskey said the decision not to prosecute the trespassers shows the government has chosen to protect “criminals from honest citizens.”

“What you are witnessing here is just an opportunity for the government, the leftist, democrat government of the City of St. Louis to persecute us for doing no more than exercising our Second Amendment rights,” McCloskey said.

Fascinating, that this man believes that despite the fact that he drew a gun on a group of unarmed people, entirely unprompted, he was actually the one who was wronged. It’s especially rich coming from a couple that allegedly took legal action to keep a gay couple out of their neighborhood.

But alas, some people just love to play the victim.


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