Image via screenshot.

Ladies of London, one of Bravo’s most perfect creations, is coming back to us so, so soon—November 29 at 10 pm, to be precise—and Bravo has released the Season 3 trailer. Everyone’s hair is perfect, and there appear to be several formal dinners.


This season, Marissa Hermer gives birth to her third child, many expensive hats are worn, and Danish aristocrat and wellness warrior Caroline Fleming informs us that “London is prestige.” Yes! Also, Sophie Stanbury is a full-time cast member, just in time for her to get divorced from Caroline Stanbury’s brother and have a falling out with her. Annabelle Neilson has left the series, which is frankly a blessing, and is being replaced with Caroline Stanbury ally Adela King, who is described in the trailer as “big boobs, big hair.”

As for Caroline—the queen bee who, before it went out of business, ran a luxury gift retailer that was literally called Gift Library—she is moving to Dubai with her husband, for suspicious reasons. I love this show.