GQ Proves Women Really Can Have it All: A Thriving Comedy Career, 3 Arms, and 4 Legs

All images: GQ

What’s wrong with this photo of Issa Rae, Kate McKinnon, and Sarah Silverman on this year’s cover of GQ’s comedy issue? Absolutely nothing: They’re gorgeous and stunning, powerful and collected, and they have multiple arms and legs.


Yes, Issa, Kate, and Sarah are just paragons of confidence in this photograph that was in no way digitally altered or retouched (yes ladies!!), showing no woman should ever feel ashamed for having a third arm or leg:

Even if said extremity is really far away from your body:


Wake up sheeple, this is what feminism looks like.


Whoa! What’s that over there?


Haha, just an extra hand. #nofilter

Women, take it from these women: You can have your cake and eat it too, with some help from your fourth and fifth hands.


Inspiring. We’re living in the golden age, baby—the golden age of balancing work, love, life, and more than two feet.

Thank goodness for Oprah, who paved the way for these icons.

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