Governor Matthew McConaughey?

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Matthew McConaughey is not only as Texan as high school football and BBQ, he’s also the sort of ambling visionary you’d want to guide you through your first ayahuasca trip. Given his vast likability and evident passion for his home state, it was probably inevitable that the idea of him running for governor would be floated at some point. And despite having said little publicly about his political leanings, McConaughey doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.

“It would be up to the people more than it would me,” McConaughey said in an interview on Tuesday. “I would say this. Look, politics seems to be a broken business to me right now. And when politics redefines its purpose, I could be a hell of a lot more interested.”

In the absence of actual politics, McConaughey’s main platform appears to be “unity,” which he called for in the wake of Donald Trump’s 2016 election and again following the win of president-elect Joe Biden.


“Coming out of the election right now, we’ve got to stabilize. This country’s got to stabilize first before we start to say okay, here’s how we’re marching out of this together forward,” he said.

It’s unclear how such unity could be forged in a country that’s become so fundamentally fragmented, but if McConaughey’s unhurried drawl isn’t the salve that will bring everyone together, what is? [Dallas Morning News]

Cardi B is set to be named Woman of the Year at Billboard’s Women in Music event in December. For everyone complaining that she only has one song (who is saying this?), Cardi is here to remind us that that WAP not only shattered major records but also “had your grandma popping her pussy on TikTok.”


My grandma, sadly, is no longer with us, but it’s comforting to imagine that she’s out there popping her pussy from beyond the grave, probably with yours. Thank you, Cardi. [Instagram]


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Why don’t these famouses want to start on the school board or city council? It seems it’s a bit more about their ego than they care to admit.